About Us


About Us

Created by Samuel Boulton building on the success of The Vanguard at 1000 Trades, The UK’s First Cocktail Bar & Meadery.

The Modern Mead Co brings a contemporary and premium product to the market, using ancient recipes as a guide. We recommend drinking our Original English Mead neat or in cocktails.



Honey & Bees
The base for our mead is made using a blend of honeys, mostly honeys derived from England and Mexico.

Mexican honey is a sour style (imagine honey with citrus juice added to it) made from bees who don’t have a natural sting. This makes them more vulnerable to natural predators than their European counterparts. However as they are non stinging bees, there is no need for chemicals during the harvesting of honeys, meaning the hives stay much healthier throughout the season.


Metheglin is the historical name for spiced mead, the brewer would have used whatever local spices they had available meaning there is no definitive recipe for Metheglin. Living in the modern age we’ve opted for a variety of spices and citrus such as orange zest, lemon zest, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.


Where to buy

Modern Mead Co Original English Mead can be found on the selves at your local independent wine merchants and garden centres or head online to distillersdirect.com or themeadboutique.com to grab yourself a bottle!